Virtual Spotlight: Lone Clothing Co X Virtual Intern

Mitch and the team at Lone Clothing Co represent the future of retail.

Virtual Intern is thrilled to announce our collaboration with the team at Lone Clothing Co, an independent surf brand that demonstrates the best of what the future of retail in the Hunter has to offer.

Lone Clothing Co founder, Mitch is a self-taught merch designer, printer and brand founder, operating two retail stores in Redhead and Darby St. Did we mention he is only 22?

Photo Credit: HUNTERhunter

Mitch is excited to impart his expertise and fresh start-up mind to the next generation. Through a work experience placement that offers students to step into the shoes of the Lone Clothing crew, completing tasks that Mitch and his team face every day. Key transportable skills that will be packaged in the placement include:

>> Design and critical thinking

>> Customer service, communication and relationship building

>> Handling finances

>> Planning and adaptability

>> Problem solving and attention to detail

Photo credit: HUNTERhunter

Instructor Snapshot: Mitch
"Having started in November 2016, Mitch eventually decided to give up Air Conditioning and put 100% of his time into Lone Clothing Co. “I literally applied for every single market, all the pop ups I could do, hit up a few shopping centres, tried to get my finger in every hole I could to sort of get my name out there more." - HUNTERhunter

We are excited to work with Lone Clothing Co to deliver a placement that equips the next generation of workers with the skills they need for the future of work.

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