So you want to travel?

Jobs that allow you to globe trot and get paid.

1. Global Mobility Consultant

In globalised and connected world, a new career has sprung up around relocating workers from one place to another. As a global mobility consultant, you help employees make smooth transitions into their new homes—whether it’s in Bangkok, Berlin, South America or the next state over. If you’re the type who wants to travel and likes learning about other culture this career is ideal.

2. Anti-Tour Guide

While the need to explore the world is shared by many, taking snapshots in front of crowded tourist hotspots is less appealing than ever. Cue the rise of the 'Anti-Tour' movement where millennial travellers are especially anxious for experiences that involve “living like a local” and finding “hidden gems” off the beaten track. As an anti-tour guide you will be showing tourists the 'behind the scenes' world of the city and towns you know so well. Want to know more? Check out

Newcastle Afoot.

3. Aid Worker

This is the double win. You get to travel for a living while making a real difference in people's lives. There are a number of international non-government aid organisations such as UNICEF, World Vision, The Fred Hollow’s Foundation and Oxfam. You'll need a background in a field like health, horticulture or education and a strong passion for social work.

4. Hospo

Hospitality is one of the few jobs that gives you the chance to pack up, travel and work anywhere in the world. The core of the job is all about showing people a wonderful time – whether it’s a nice meal or the trip of a lifetime, you’ll be making a difference in a way that’s memorable (while getting the chance to do your own thing on days off). With these transportable skills , you could work anywhere in Australia or around the world, giving you the chance to experience other cultures and climates. .

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