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Explore jobs that allow you to explore, nurture and save nature....oh...and get paid.

1. Oceanographer

Love a good beach session? Oceanography is a diverse and adventurous field. Oceanographers are interested in everything about marine organisms: how they organisms grow, relate to one another, adapt, and interact. Oceanographers are key power players in preserving and protecting the world's oceans. You can even examine the impact that subaquatic earthquakes will have on an ocean's makeup! Say no more... you had us at 'aquatic earthquakes'.

2. Ethologist

Do you enjoy analysing the drama of break ups on reality tv? Do you find yourself staring into your doggo's eyes trying to extract the inner workings of your furry friend's mind? Then Ethology may be for you. Ethologists aim to analyse and understand why animals act the way they do. You don't only find ethologists in zoos but also in governments and big companies. You can also work with a variety of animals from household pets to exotic animals! Jane Goodall is one of the most famous Ethologists for her work with chimpanzees in the native forests of Tanzania. Think about it… today you may be studying your dog but tomorrow you may be running with Wolves in the Arctic.

3. Green Designer

The need to respond to climate change is a pressing concern and one that can be solved by you. The world needs better and solutions and becoming a green designer will place you right in the thick of it, exploring ways to make spaces green and sustainable. You day might look like designing a building that can adapt over generations and still remain environmentally friendly . This is what is at the core of who a green designer is, possessing the ability to create spaces that adjust to changes through time.

4. Extinct Species Revivalist

Today’s zoologists could play a critical role in recreating species that have already gone extinct and reintegrating them into their natural environments. de-extinction or species revivalism is a process of creating an organism extinct species revivalist is a scientist who will try to synthesize a complete strand of DNA as the extinct animal’s genome genome editing is a group of technologies that give scientists the ability to change an organism's DNA.

5. Conservationist

A conservationist manages natural habitats including parks, forests, and rangelands. This job may also be called a conservation scientist or soil and water conservationist. 

This green career involves finding ways to use land without harming the environment. Conservationists, who are employed by either private landowners or federal, state, or local governments, make sure landowners follow government regulations and take appropriate measures to protect habitats. They are advisers to farmers to help them improve their land and control erosion. Basically - you are saving earth while getting paid.

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