So you like sport?

So your 6 year old self thought that you would be signing a professional contract by now... things might have changed but your love of sport and movement has not. There is no way you will be found behind a desk so if you could combine getting paid with getting into a game we have a few careers that might be for you.

Let's take a look.

1. Sports Wear Designer

You don't have to be on the field to contribute to the win. Behind every athlete is someone designing sports wear that enhances an athletes game. Get a behind the scenes look at how Nike creates league uniforms.

2.Exercise Psychologist

If you’ve ever have stepped onto the field of a competitive sport, you know how much of your performance is linked to your state of mind.  It is zero surprise that psychology plays such a big part in sports performance and motivation.  You could find yourself working with professional athletes to help them improve performance, cope with the pressure of competition, increase confidence and mentally work through injuries.

Sports psychologists don’t just work with professional athletes though. You could even work within a clinical area, such as using sport and exercise to help people suffering from mental health issues.

2. Kinesiotherapist

Sports Kinesiotherapists help athletes regain muscle strength and function after an injury. Their process is to evaluate patients, build treatment plans, provide guidance in performing exercises correctly, and modify plans as needed. Sports kinesiotherapists work in sports medicine facilities, rehab centers, and fitness centers and private practice.

3. Scout

Sports scouts look for new players and evaluate their skills and likelihood for success at the amateur or professional levels. Many sports coaches are also involved in scouting and allows you the freedom the travel (and get paid while doing it). As a scout, you will watch or document either young or already established players in their respective sporting fields and work to sign them up for the sporting organisation you represent. Think about it -- you could be the discoverer of the future A-league.

4. Sport Media Producer

Creative storytelling sit at the core of this role. Media is where consumers and fans go to engage with brands, teams, and athletes, and messaging is a key influencer to make this happen.

Creative people can tell stories in a innovative, exciting way that connects audiences on a deep level. The career options in media production include sound engineer technician, film editor, and producer/director.

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