So you enjoy tech?

The world is quickly learning to live side by side with technology and this is not stopping anytime soon. By 2030, up to 20 million manufacturing jobs are set to be replaced by robots. Digital skills are becoming a must for many businesses when looking for employees and that is good news for you.

Take a deep dive into what tech jobs could be in store for you.

1. Digital Artisan

A career as a digital artisan is ideal for out-of-the-box thinkers who’d like a career that involves a mash up of IT skills with art and design to create amazing products and ideas. An interest in programming paired with a keen sense of creativity composes the perfect profile of a future digital artisan.

2. Blockchain Engineer

If you’re following the rise of cryptocurrency, you’ve probably heard of bitcoin – but do you have any idea about the technology behind the digital currency? The blockchain, the core tech that built bitcoin, has the potential to be applied to everything from ID cards to trading platforms. While the tech behind blockchains isn’t that difficult to understand, it’s niche enough that finding good blockchain engineers is proving difficult for employers. For those willing to put in the time to learn the needed algorithms and cryptography, becoming a blockchain engineer places you at the center of a dynamic new field!

3. Virtual habitat designer

As more and more learning, working, and overall living moves into the virtual realm, someone has to make it navigable and comfortable. That’s where virtual habitat designers come in. Their role is like that of an urban planner – but of the digital world. Skills like art, design, and, of course, coding come together in this always changing career that appeals to many different types of people!

4. VR engineer

VR isn’t just for gaming – it’s being used to bring people around the globe together through immersive news stories, academic collaboration, improved health care, and more. With so many different uses for VR on the rise, we’ll need a heap of engineers to make it all happen!

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