So you don't want to be stuck at a desk?

Jobs that allow you to move and get outdoors.

1. Environmental scientist

A career in Environmental science offers the chance to work outdoors and in nature by seeking to learn about and eliminate hazards that affect the health of the planet and the animals and people that live within it. Additionally, environmental scientists work with policymakers and industries to reduce waste. They spend a little time in the laboratory but are otherwise outside to collect data to help out the planet.

2. Construction

When it comes to working in construction, there’s a fair bit of stereotyping and outdated assumptions. Saying ‘tradie' usually conjures images of blokes waking up early and heading to a job site; 7/11 pies and ice coffee on the way to work before spending a hard day on the tools. While this might be the reality for some, in 2020 the world of construction is expanding and looking a lot different. While the construction industry does include your more well-known trades like electrician, carpenter and plumber there’s also jobs like civil engineer, draftsperson and project manager which don’t fit into the traditional images of the industry.

3.National Park and wildland firefighter

Not for the faint of heart, wildland firefighters are on the front lines of extinguishing forest fires for state, federal and local governments. They also and predict hazardous weather conditions to help prevent future fires and protect ecosystems and habitats for the future.

4. Recreation worker

A recreation worker designs and leads activities for groups in volunteer agencies or recreation facilities, such as playgrounds, parks, camps and senior centres. They may lead activities in areas such as surfing, adventure sports, games, music, and camping. Recreation workers are employed in a variety of settings, including summer camps, recreation centres, parks, and cruise ships.

5. Personal Trainer

If you want a job that is a mash up or working outdoors and helping people then this is for you. personal trainer is someone who helps their clients achieve certain fitness goals, including but not limited to weight loss, strength training, toning, or overall health management. Each client's fitness level can be extremely different, so a trainer may be introducing one client to basic exercises, helping a second one with a weight loss program, and assisting a third in advanced training goals.

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