How to shape the future of spaces and places.

You can a play a part in building towns and cities that are fit for the future.

1. Urban Planner

Urban and regional planners identify community needs and develop short- and long-term solutions to improve and revitalise communities and areas. As an area grows or changes, planners help communities manage the related economic, social, and environmental issues, such as planning new parks, sheltering the homeless, and making the region more attractive to businesses.

2. Energy efficiency engineer

Managing energy consumption is increasingly crucial if smart cities and towns are to be sustainable--whether in battery-operated phones and laptops or in huge data centers that all use billions of kilowatts of electricity each year. As an energy efficiency officer you will help improvement public, private and commercial buildings through a range of methods including practical solutions, education and the promotion of renewable energy sources.

3. White Hat Hacker

Pretty simple to get your head around: black hat hackers are the villains, and white hat hacker are the heroes. White hat hackers use their skills to solve issues in security, helping people, companies, cities and towns tighten up their security even further. Yes, there job is to literally hack the system in order to find ways to to keep information safe from black hat hackers.

4. Urban Mechanic

Urban mechanics are focused on improving the livelihood of the city and towns. An urban mechanic might head up an innovation hub in a town or city, or suggest an automatic approach to eliminating traffic congestion or registering kids for school. They may even connect local start-ups with development opportunities, funding sources, and so on.

5. Professional Triber

If you’re good at getting the word out digitally, you may have the skills and drive to become a professional “triber.” These “user herders” use data analytics and digital marketing techniques to identify advocates and create community support for, say, a new app to reserve parking spaces or access public transportation.

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